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Inositol, or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-Cyclohexanehexol is a six-fold alcohol (polyol) of cyclohexane. It exists in nine possible isomers inside generally animal, plant and microbe organizations. Classified as a member of the vitamin B complex, it is made by human body in amounts considered adequate for good health, and are classified as one of essential nutrients.

Structural Formula

Molecular Formula


 Molecular Weight

 CAS Number

1. To vitalizes body and increase energy.
2. To help hair rejuvenation and prevent against hair loss.
3. To clear liver fat, reduce cholesterol and prevent against arteriosclerosis.
4. To prevent against eczema.

Physical Characteristics
It occurs as fine, white crystal or as a white crystalline powder. It is odorless, has a
sweet taste, is stable in air. It is neutral to litmus without optical activity.

Inositol   ≥97.0%     FCCⅥ,NF12,EP6



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